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Sari, Colleague

Recommendation from Linkedin

Dallas is a leader, mentor and creator of win-win solutions. He is a strategic thinker who looks to build and improve systems. He can handle stressful situations with an amazing amount of patience and grace while focusing on the issues while building respectful relationships at the same time. As a CE and International Medical Device Regulatory Affairs expert Dallas will have a results oriented positive impact on any organization.

Agustina, Colleague

Recommendation from Linkedin

Dallas' work is exceptional. I had the opportunity to work with him for a year and was able to see him in action on several aspects. As a trainer, he is very clear, patient, and organized so concepts and processes are understood. As a recruiter, he has proven to be able to find the best candidates to join our team, with great experience and eagerness to work. As an RA professional, he has gone above and beyond to support the diverse regions he's worked with as well as to represent our company. He's been a great colleague to work with, always supportive, open to questions and challenges, adapting to different situations and cultural differences, and bringing his best ideas to keep improving.

YoonHee, Colleague

Recommendation from Linkedin

Dallas is a great team player and works tirelessly to develop camaraderie between each person he encounters. In his years on the international regulatory team, Dallas stood out thanks to his outstanding abilities and performance. With fluency in Spanish and Portuguese, Dallas was able to effectively communicate and strengthen relationships with our counterparts in Latin America, increasing workflow and building regulatory expertise in the region.

Jen, Colleague

Recommendation from Linkedin

Dallas is very detail oriented. He is well organized and exceptional at documentation and follow up. He is self motivated and also functions extremely well working with teams. He looks to the future and is always looking at ways to improve both himself and whatever process he is working on. The thing that impresses me the most about Dallas is his ability to translate. He can effectively carry on bilingual conversations, while translating, without slowing the conversation at all. He is an exceptional asset to anyone looking to do business in Latin America. While I had the opportunity to work with Dallas, he handled all regulatory responsibilities for most of Latin America, Australia and all of EEA. He will be an asset to any company who is fortunate enough to work with him.

Connor, Colleague

Recommendation from Linkedin

Dallas is a great manager that is keen on ensuring the success of those around him. I had the opportunity to work under Dallas for one year and during that time he went out of his way to contribute to my success. Dallas's approach to teaching new concepts is based on hands on experience. The hands on experience that I received while working under Dallas has proven beneficial to this day. In addition to his abilities to demonstrate concepts, Dallas is adept at networking with individuals both in and outside the field of Regulatory Affairs. Dallas's ability to network has been beneficial to me in my career. I am convinced that anybody who has the great opportunity to work with Dallas will benefit from his abilities to teach and network.

Chelsea, Colleague

Recommendation from Linkedin

Dallas has been instrumental in coordinating efforts in cross-department communications in order to increase productivity and open lines of feedback and process improvement between our departments. Dallas has excellent communication skills and is truly a team player. His goal is to help everyone succeed in their roles and to improve the communication between groups. He takes on challenging projects and successfully completes them.